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Monday, February 16, 2015

Sierra's mom tries way too hard--no, she's just proud.

Even with all of the challenges, I know I do my best.
After a night at the mall with the kids.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Grandparents

Sierra's mom and Burn Richards are both in their second marriages. Now married to each other, they spend a lot of time shopping for the grandchild. Even though the baby is not biologically related to Burn, he cares very much about her. He is nonplussed by his step daughter, Sierra.


The grandparents meet at a hip art gallery. Joby's parents bring the baby.

There may be some sort of electricity between Joby's mom Valencia and Burn.

Doting grandparents.

Joby's father Federico does not approve.

Valencia is fun-loving and playful, a contrast to Federico's stern mien.

But even Fred is softened by the infant.


Elegant Valencia quiet moments at home. Artwork by Sue Fandel.
Sue Fandel Rocks the Role as classy grandma...
Background artwork by Sue Fandel

At the Mall with the Young Parents

Shopping with the young parents:

Sierra: Ohh! I need to have this
Joby: I don't think we can afford that.
Sierra: It's definitely an essential for the home.    Joby is shaking his head.
Joby: I don't think it's a good investment, I don't, I truly don't. No.

What'l my friends think if I don't have anything?

About this project

Blooming Babel

Stacey Rivet as Sierra; Ryan Schnirel as Joby
A woman is important. How important, she does not know. She has a sense of her role in life, and to her that imparts a necessity for her being. But that is not what is truly, actually important about her, that’s not why she is important to the world and universe.This woman is Sierra’s mom. That is how she is known to people around her, which is why she thinks that her role as mother is what makes her count in the world. And now Sierra has a baby, so Sierra’s mom is even more important because she is a Grandmother. Grandmother is a role in life that feels like a gift to many, because they get to enjoy the grandchildren without the day-to-day drudgery of cleaning, feeding, and raising them. Sierra’s mom enjoys playing with the baby, and proudly strolls through public places with the tiny bundle of joy. Even when her son-in-law Joby comes along. Though he is, well, different in certain ways, he is still very good with the baby. Maybe even better than Sierra is, but it’s hard for Sierra’s mom to admit this, even to herself.Sierra’s mom finds herself reading more and more about child rearing. She knows this is not necessary because her child/ren are/is adults now. There is a shadow of discomfort that grows a tiny bit each time she is with her daughter and grandchild. Sierra’s mom does not want to admit to herself (yet) that the discomfort is caused by Sierra’s inability to connect with the child. Much deeper and farther along the road to realization in Sierra’s mom’s mind is the truth that she has raised a child who is utterly disrespectful. Still further along the road is waiting the truth that she raised Sierra this way because she was taught, erroneously, that her own importance in the world was based on motherhood.

This definition of herself provided decreasingly easy solutions to feelings of discontent, restlessness, and even indecision throughout Sierra’s mom’s adult life. Anytime there was a stirring in her that she couldn’t immediately identify, she could supplant it with a rote responsibility that relieved her of making any type of reflective decision. She would simply do whatever prescribed task related to housekeeping, childcare, or husband-centered obligation.